Farm Monitoring




Monitor your Farm with Levno


At DairyTech South we understand the need for reliable and accurate monitoring systems. 

That's why we've teamed up with Levno to bring you the best Milk, Fuel, Water and Feed monitoring technology.

Saving you time while driving profitability on farm.

View Levno's product range below and contact the team at DairyTech South for more information.

Milk Monitoring

Produce top quality milk and prevent costly human and mechanical errors that can spoil your milk and impact your profits.

Levno for Milk monitors temperature, volume, agitation, milking times and washes throughout the system.

Choose a Full Cream plan and get 24/7-365 human monitoring of your milk by the Levno Team.



Swap to Levno Milk Vat Monitoring FREE!!

If you're a Fonterra Supplier that had DTS Vat-Man – it's now completely FREE to swap to Levno MVMS!

No swap fees and no install fees contact us to find out more (T&Cs apply).

If you supply another processor or are a Halo MVMS customer considering a swap - get in touch, we can help. 



Fuel Monitoring

Protect valuable fuel assets from theft and ensure you always have enough fuel to get the job done.

Levno for Fuel monitors petrol, diesel, oil and avgas fuel tanks.

Be notified about unusual activity with timely alerts direct to your phone or device.



Water Monitoring

Avoid major disruptions caused by water loss and manage water resources sustainably.

Levno for Water monitors water tank levels and flow rate meters.

Track water usage around your property, be alerted to leaks and meet compliance requirements for consented use.



Feed Monitoring

Ensure you always have enough feed on hand to eliminate costly reductions in output.

Levno for Feed monitors feed silos and liquid feed tanks.

Understand feed usage and historical trends to help with budgeting and feed management.



Everything in one place with the Levno App

Manage all your products in one place with the Levno App, and easily add new products and features.

With 24/7-365 customer support, the Levno Team are always around to help.


Contact our friendly and experienced team today for more information.