Heatwave Ad Lib





DairyTech South are distributors of the award winning European designed Heatwave Ab-Lib young stock feed system.

Efficient, Effective and Easy to use.  The results speak for themselves.

The Heatwave will make rearing young stock a breeze.  Saving you time on man hours, encouraging earlier weaning dates, resulting in happy healthy young stock.

The small regular feeding system mimics nature allowing young animals to feed on demand. Teat feeding stimulates the esophageal groove reflex which directs milk to the abomasum and encourages salivation aiding in better digestion while preventing scouring.

One Heatwave unit can feed 30 calves or 50 lambs off 4 teats.

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"This is my first year using the Heatwave for my lambs and I absolutely love it!! It was so simple and easy to set up, as i was setting it up the lambs were already nibbling at the teats which made it super easy to train them. The lambs are very happy and content, I love that I can get out into the paddock now without being swamped by hungry lambs. It has saved me so much time not having to make fresh individual bottles 4 times a day. If you don't already have one i highly recommend getting one." - Pam Irvine - Mt Jones Farm - Tapawera


Here's our videos to showcase how the product works.