Heat Wave Ad Lib







Fantastic results and won numerous awards in Europe.

DairyTech South are very proud to be the sole distributor of the Heatwave Ad-Lib Young Stock feed system. These are so very simple, easy to operate, easy to clean and the young stock results speak for themselves.

Article from Pyon Products regarding Calf feeding in NZ:

Will feed up to 30 calves on 4 teats.

If rearing small numbers (less than 8 ) then only use one line and 2 teats and blank off the second line.

The first 8 weeks of life is the most efficient feed conversion 100g of milk solids puts on between 50 and 100g of growth. This 2:1 feed conversion diminishes over time.

Teat feeding’ little and often’ mimics nature. Teat feeding stimulates the oesophageal groove reflex which directs milk to the abomasum and encourages salivation.

Small meals are well digested in the abomasum and so prevent scours.

(Conversely) flooding the abomasum with 4 or 5 litre meals at one sitting (once a day system) will trigger scours.

If a heifer calf is born at 30 kg and needs to reach 60% of mature weight at bulling it needs to put on 700g to 800g/day.

It won’t do that on 500g ( 2x2L) of milk powder (or milk solids). It won’t catch up later.

A printed article from Palmerston North- 44% of NZ heifers in 2016 failed to reach target weight- a huge loss to the industry.



Here's our videos to showcase how the product works.